Whole30 Day 14: Almost halfway and an awesome dinner

Tiger blood? Not quite yet, but tomorrow is the halfway point of my Whole30 and I feel pretty good. I can’t say I’m sleeping any better yet, but the cravings for unhealthy food is essentially gone and I do have more energy. 

The bonus is it was a perfectly beautifully day in the Philly ‘burbs so I enjoyed a break from reality. The pool is not yet open, but I lay out in the sun, listened to music, and pretty much let go of everything that stresses me out for a few hours.  


Whole30 Sunday Night Dinner

Last night I planned dinner for tonight and started making Kalua Pig from Nom Nom Paleo in the slow cooker (the house smelled awesome this morning). Today, I picked up shallots to get the final ingredient for the best Brussels sprouts recipe (also from the same recipe book) called Cavolini al Forno. Added in some steamed broccoli, and dinner was complete. And yummy. And filling. 

Plus, while the Brussels sprouts roasted I made my salads for the week. Boom. 
Next challenge: planning for hosting Mother’s Day next Sunday for my family. On the plus side, having control over the menu makes life easier. Here’s the plan:

  • Fish tray (Jewish style)
  • Cold cuts (for those who don’t eat lox, like my nephew)
  • Big salad (for me) with Tessamae balsamic vinaigrette (SO good)
  • Grilled chicken (for the salad)
  • Fruit 
  • Birthday cake for my dad (that’s gonna be hard to resist, but he’s 81, and birthdays should be properly celebrated!)

Between now and then it should be smooth sailing. I even have a couple of dinners planned ahead for the week. Go, me! 

Facetime with Dad

 One funny anecdote, my technophobic dad (who is also a world-renowned bioengineer and physicist) accidentally butt-Facetimed me yesterday. He was adorably mystified to find himself looking at me. I guess he didn’t realize what I was seeing so he left the phone on his kitchen table, which gave me an awesome view up his nose. I love that man so much. 


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