Day 12: Turning the corner

Zentangle Labyrinth

Zentangle Labyrinth

I think I understand now why they say so many people quit at days 10 and 11. It gets old. You miss having an easy out for when you don’t want to cook (or think, or really even breathe with much vigor). BUT, I seriously NEVER EVER want to do days 1-5 EVER again (did I say EVER?) so I’m going…and actually I think I might feel different. Not craving things that are sugary or even starchy. OK, I do miss my Friday morning bagel with lox spread and cucumbers, but I did find Whole30 compliant lox (who knew so much lox was cured with SUGAR?) and brought that and a cucumber and a green pepper for lunch, and I’m actually psyched for that. And “tiger blood” must be coming soon, right?

I’ve been drawing a lot to manage my overactive brain during this. Check out ZenHenna for more. I did a challenge this week that included learning to draw a labyrinth, which was perfect since I kind of feel like dietetically speaking, I’m in one…

Onward and upward (or downward, on the scale, hopefully)…


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