Day 9 Confession

9Travel is hard. I was really really strong on Sunday (travel day), but yesterday I had the hardest time finding a Whole30 compliant breakfast between my hotel and the office building I’m working in while in Boston. By lunchtime, I could have eaten an entire grass-fed cow (possibly not an exaggeration), but managed to stick to a salad and NO BREAD (saying no to bread at Saladworks is not as hard as saying no to bread at Cosi, which I did on Sunday, but was still really freakin’ hard). In the afternoon I was losing it…and one of the people in the workshop I’m in managed to come up with raw almonds and saved the day. BUT, by dinner…again…RAVENOUS. We went out to an Irish bar and I did have a nice compliant dinner–salmon and spinach which I specifically requested to be sauteed in olive oil rather than butter–but I confess I did have a few nacho chips as my colleagues passed their appetizer around the table. I was filled with self-hatred and loathing IMMEDIATELY. It wasn’t the biggest slip, but the Whole30 tough love mantra does not allow for cheats or slips, so if I were being true to the spirit of the program, this would be Day 1. I just can’t do that and keep my shit together. So I’m going to still stick with this being Day 9, but maybe at the end just slow down my reintroduction of food an extra 8 days. I KNOW…SEMANTICS…but this is a mind game as much as a body program, and I have to think of it in a way that works for me. At the moment, I’m thinking, a glass of wine on day 31 (May 19) and then I hold out another 8 days before I add in anything else (May 27, Thing 2’s 14th birthday).

Facetime with Thing 2

Facetime with Spike

I did get to have a really sweet Facetime call with Thing 2 and Spike (my French bulldog) last night, and that boosted my spirits and strengthened my resolve. AND I participated in a Zentangle weekly challenge at the front end of the week, which is good for inspiration, site traffic to ZenHenna, and my personal sense of accomplishment. Check it out.

Onward and upward, I found breakfast this morning at the mall in Cambridge (across the street from the office I’m working in today) via Au Bon Pain, ironically, where the guy was willing to make and sell me just an egg. Steamed. And some fruit. So today I’m doing well and I’m sticking with that.

And, I still haven’t had any Diet Pepsi and THAT is a victory in and of itself. So there.


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