Travel challenges…and hilarity

 Whole30 Day 7!

Last night I surmounted my first big challenge: Dinner out with the parents. We went to Outback because people on the Whole30 forum said they found them to be accommodating to special requests. So, I had salad (no croutons or cheese, brought my own Tessamae dressing), flame grilled sirloin (just salt and pepper, no butter), steamed broccoli (no butter) and a dry baked potato. I did not love being “that person” but the server was polite about it and the meal was decent (though the steak was overcooked).

Today, another big challenge–travel. I am off to Cambridge, MA for work. Being “that person” for several days in front of work colleagues and superiors I don’t know especially well is scary for this introvert, but I am committed to making it happen. Note: I am sitting in the airport eating hard-boiled eggs that I had the presence of mind to grab at 7 AM on a Sunday morning. I’d call that a minor victory.

And the hilarity: A TSA agent with an adorable Aussie accent reiterating instructions that nobody listens to, without breaking stride or tone, adds in (think a dispassionate tone),

If you want to be my lover, you’ve got to get with my friends, make it last forever, friendship never ends.

When I cracked up and a few people looked up he said,

“Now I know who’s paying attention!”

I appreciate someone who has a monotonous job breaking it up with some humor. Especially on a Sunday morning.


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