Didn’t see this coming (a Whole30 update)

The best laid plans of mice and men…right?

I kinda knew I was getting sick last weekend, but it wasn’t like I was going to delay my Whole30 for it. So, I muddled through the caffeine withdrawal headache and the tummy troubles…only to find myself home from work with a very sore throat, major congestion and very little appetite.

On the plus side, I was way too sick and tired to feel the “kill every thing” phase, but I had a hard time forcing myself to eat to keep from getting to a bad place, metabolically speaking.

Al things considered, I am wrapping up Day 5 and I managed to stay true to the plan, even eschewing the throat lozenges I desperately wanted.

5 days = 16.7% and counting. Hopefully the “tiger blood” phase is coming sooner rather than later.


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