Marketing Junk

In marketing, there are words and phrases that were (maybe) once creative, but now sound completely ridiculous to me. Full of jargon and nonsense, and rather indecipherable in some cases, these headlines, phrases, subject lines and other marketing mumbo-jumbo are starting to irk me. As marketers, we walk a thin line between helping people learn about what they might need to enhance their lives, jobs, safety, security, happiness, etc. and hawking crap that will deplete their pocketbooks and leave them with regrets and a bad taste in their mouths. More and more, I believe there is a responsibility to educate, nurture, and enhance rather than obfuscate, confuse, scare and taunt. So, I think I might collect the offenders here just to give a sense of where I think marketers cross the line.

8/23/13 offender: Using Actionable Content to Drive Loyalty

actionable content

Actionable content?

First of all–actionable content? I understand compelling content, engaging content, maybe even content that incites action. I don’t buy “actionable content.” It barely makes sense.

And then? Drive Loyalty. As a consumer, do you want to think  of yourself as being driven to loyalty with a brand or a company with which you do business or whose products you buy? Personally, I’d rather my loyalty be a by-product of a product or service that freakin’ rocks. If it’s content, it better entertain me, educate me, move me to tears, or somehow give me something I can’t find in a thousand other places. If it’s a product, it better work as it’s intended to work, last as long as it’s intended to last, and meet my expectations for value compared to the price I paid for it. If it’s a service, it should be flawless, or if not, you better provide kick-ass service to support me. Don’t drive me. I’m not a car.


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