I started this blog on the premise of randomness, but have over-censored myself because I want what I write to seem more polished. Thoughtful. The end result? I rarely write. So…back to randomness, so I get in the habit of writing. Perhaps the polish comes with the development of ideas over time that are shared, not sloshing around in my head full of randomness.

Random thoughts:

  • I just started “reading” (and I have that in quotes because I actually am listening to an audiobook now that I have a brand new commute) The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin. Thinking more about creating art that ships–and considering more broadly what art even means.
  • My A/C handler in the attic is leaking all over my office at home. Annoyed about that? Yes. Grateful I’m not working from home while it’s happening? YES.
  • A few weeks ago my dog had a near-death experience with heat stroke and the amazing vets at Bucks VETS saved his life. I’m still incredibly humbled and grateful, and Spike is officially the most spoiled rotten French bulldog this side of the Atlantic.

That’s it for now. More randomness to come. Unpolished.


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