86 West / Living Social–Disappointment

Today my husband and I went to 86 West in Doylestown, PA with a voucher from Living Social which we’d purchased a while ago and that expires on June 12, 2012. We’d paid $15 for $30 toward dinner, so we called since it was 2pm and asked if we could use it at that time. We were told we could. We did not take the name of the person we spoke to; there was no reason to think there would be an issue. We again asked our waitress when we got there and when she checked, she said as long as it was before the expiration we could use it. When we went to pay the bill, we were credited only $20 and were told that since it was lunchtime (the deal fine print did not specify what hours would be counted as lunch v. dinner) we could only get $20 off. If we’d known that, we would not have gone there for lunch. The manager told us our only choices were to take the $20 or use the voucher another time. As the voucher is only good for another 6 days, and we were already disappointed with what had happened, we took the $20 because we really didn’t think we’d want to come back in less than a week. It was a sad decision as we have been good patrons of 86 West. I ran my financial software to find we’d spent $474 dollars in the last year there, and now I don’t think we’ll be back. In today’s economy, $10 is meaningful and a promise is a promise. We are sorely disappointed. Caveat emptor: be very wary of offers like this from 86 West / Knight House restaurant in the future.

See the evidence below.

Living Social 86 West Voucher

Here’s the voucher…

Living Social 86 West Voucher Fine Print Part 1

…and here’s the fine print (part 1)

Living Social 86 West Voucher Fine Print Part 2

…and more fine print (part 2)


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