On a Quest

At our karate class, when we are bowing out we say, “We’re on a quest to be our best!” Truth be told, I have been on a quest but I haven’t really put my money where my mouth is. Or my body for that matter. So now, I am actually on a Quest (with a capital Q, to represent the seriousness this endeavor deserves). I have been unhealthy, unfit and unhappy in my own skin for way too long and, realistically speaking, I know my body can’t endure the abuse I’ve been putting it through forever.

So, this is the week.

Step 1: Move. So far I went to karate Monday night, walked on the treadmill at the Y (that I will be properly joining this weekend) on Tuesday, took a pilates class this morning at same said Y, will go to karate tomorrow night and then a body pump class on Friday morning. A special shout out to Alexa D. for encouraging me to check out the Y and to Marilyn B. for suggesting the pilates class this morning!

Step 2: Eat less. Weight Watchers tomorrow night. Yes, I used to work at Nutrisystem. And yes, I do actually believe in their product and I still have quite a bit of food left from my last order that I will still consume, but will be counting points as I do it. Why? Because I need support and I have a friend willing to do this with me and because I know I need to incorporate some foods that just won’t fit into that program.

Step 3: BE ACCOUNTABLE. Hence this blog post. And hopefully others if I can make the time to do it. I think it helps me stay focused and keep track of where I stumble and how quickly I pick myself back up again. Because I will stumble. And I absolutely MUST pick myself back up.


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