Unexpected Humor from the Peanut Gallery

The Mysterious Benedict SocietyMy boys and I are reading a fantastic book together. It’s called The Mysterious Benedict Society and it is simply perfect for us. It is ahead of Thing 2’s reading level and while not at all difficult for Thing 1, still full of advanced vocabulary that challenges him. What makes it perfect, however, is that the story’s main characters are four children who are between the ages of my boys and they have very different talents. One is book smart, one is an excellent problem solver, one is incredibly resourceful, and the other is snarky and poetic (we’re not yet sure how her talents figure into the story yet).

The boys both love the book and when we reach the end of the chapter, I fully expect to be hoodwinked into an extra page or two before bed. Tonight, Thing 2 in full-on “living life out loud” mode said, “I think you should read four more chapters!” to which I replied, “I think you should make a more reasonable proposal.” (Mind you, I am not one to dumb down my manner of speech for children, so this is how I actually do talk to them.) Thing 2 thought for a moment, uncharacteristically quietly, and replied, “Will you marry me?”

He did know he was being funny – and he is more and more frequently quick off the mark like this – but I was caught off guard and buckled into a fit of laughter that lasted long beyond the amount of time I intended to continue reading. Still, I gave him four more pages as a compromise and reward for his clever retort.

As my husband once said, you really can’t buy the amount of entertainment you get from your own children.


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