iHome Customer Service Rant

Small rant about bad customer service…

I bought my son an iHome lamp (iHL12) with iPod dock for Hanukkah. We gave it to him last night, he set it up, and it worked fine…for a moment. Then the speaker stopped working. This morning I contacted iHome customer service.

Here’s how it went:

Me: I purchased a lamp with an ipod dock for my son but the speaker isn’t working.
Them: Oh, it’s a lamp? You have to call Checkolite.
Me: Seriously?
Them: Yes, let me give you the number….

Fast forward. I call Checkolite (whoever they are).

Them: Checkolite, how may I direct your call?
Me: I purchased an iHome lamp with an ipod dock and the speaker isn’t working.
Them: Can’t you take it back to the store?
Me: No, I bought the last one and I didn’t save the receipt anyway (I realize now that was stupid.)
Them: Oh, well, you have to send an email and someone will get back to you.
Me: Ummm… you can’t help me over the phone?
Them: No, do you want the email address or not?

That is just unacceptable!!!!!!

Added: I did email Checkolite so if I ever hear back from them I will absolutely share an update here. I also posted this on iHome’s Facebook page. Curious if they will address appropriately or delete…

Also going to see if I can get some help on Twitter and Facebook:

@ihomeaudio Having a miserable #custserv experience with your product. Care to help out? http://bit.ly/h5jYvh


Update #2: Good news! I got this email from Checkolite:

Good Afternoon Cari,


What is your shipping address and the what color was the model? Please box up the defective unit and leave outside. We will pick up the defective unit and send a replacement. We do not have many of that model left. Please also visit our website: www.checkolite.com and make a second choice between the ihl24 and ihl64 in pink, blue, black, silver, or purple (ihl64 only).

So… I’m cautiously optimistic 🙂


2 thoughts on “iHome Customer Service Rant

  1. Let us know how it turns out…I like how you integrated Twitter in your tweet to iHome. Customer service is so important!

    • I absolutely will! For the record, iHome did tweet me back and say to let them know if Checkolite comes through. Right now the defective lamp is on my front porch waiting for a replacement to arrive so I’m staying cautious but quiet until then…

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