Stop the madness…

All the cool kids are doing it this week. I’m thankful for this, thankful for that… and it’s all the big stuff. My family. My health. My job. The usual suspects. I get it, but honestly I think about being grateful for these things – and many other little things – every day. Somewhere along the line I learned that gratitude is a shortcut to happiness and when I focus on what is, I don’t ruminate so much on what isn’t. So at Thanksgiving time, I find it sad that people say things like (and I honestly saw this on Facebook), “This is the one time of year I get to tell everyone I care about how thankful I am for them.” Why should that be?

Very quickly after the turkey has been carved and the dishes done, our thoughts turn to more spending, more eating and gifts galore. Then comes January and resolutions, along with regrets for money spent (or credit cards overlimit), too much food consumed (and growing waistlines), and resolutions not kept the year before. We cram so much gratitude and frivolity into a six week period that we start off the new year scrambling for sanity and restored purpose and discipline.

So, it’s time to stop the madness (for me). I am not going to overeat, overspend, or overcelebrate. I am going to continue to be grateful for all of the enormous and tiny things I can think of every single day so that come January, I have nothing to resolve, change or regret. Anyone with me?


4 thoughts on “Stop the madness…

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