It’s My Culture

What, exactly, is “culture?” Consider this:

Son #2 is incredibly boisterous. We tend to say that he lives life out loud – and we mean this quite literally. Every thought he has is expressed vocally and physically with loud whoops, hollers, stomping, slamming, dancing and singing.

Not feeling especially well, I was not enjoying his brand of enthusiasm as I normally might. This is how the conversation went after he leaped into my bed with a shout that might have been heard by my entire neighborhood:

Me: Must you be so loud?
Son #2: Yes.
Me: I’d rather you not be so very loud.
Son #2: I can’t help it. It’s my culture.

Of course this was adorable, he is nine years old and half of everything he says is still precious and innocent. But I’ve been thinking…can an individual have a culture? Or must that be a societal thing?


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