Collection of Posts on Social Media ROI

Collection of Posts on Social Media ROI: “


(yes, that’s a lot of beer)

I’ve written a lot about social media ROI lately so I decided to put together a list of some of my ROI articles in one place so that people can reference them if they need to.

The Gap and AKQA say: “ROI, What ROI!?”

Talking about the failure of The Gap and AKQA to set up and establish any type of benchmark metrics to determine the success of their campaign. Has some great comments in there as well.

Metrics and Numbers You Should Know if You Want to Measure Social Media ROI

Pretty self-explanatory in the title. Just tried to clarify a few things that companies should start paying attention to in order to make their life and their consultant’s life a little easier when it comes to measurement; by no means an exhaustive list.

ROI is About Making Money AND Strengthening Your Brand

A post to show the true meaning behind what ROI is and what it should accomplish. Focusing on purely financial metrics can allow for brand cannibalization (as well as other things) so it’s important to not only look at the $ amount from an invest but ALSO how your investment strengthens the brand as a whole.

The Business Problems with Social Media ROI

A post that addresses what I feel are some of the business challenges preventing organizations from being able to track and measure their ROI.

Hope these 4 posts help provide some more insight into social media ROI. I actually had 2 more that I wanted to mention here but for some reason the links to them aren’t working properly. Enjoy!


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