Get Over It

I was just thinking about my resolutions thus far and how well I’m doing (or not) with them. On my refrigerator I have a quotation I cut out from a magazine that I read almost daily that helps quite a bit with Happiness Resolution #1: Take control of my brain.

Get Over It
“The mind’s job is to be busy with thought – 24/7. The problem is that we often confuse the activities of the mind with the whole truth…. A single wave of emotion can feel like the vast ocean at any given time, yet it is still only a wave, to be followed by another…. Emotions are fed by thoughts that believe they are the only reality…. We can be informed, even entertained, by [them] without the urgency to believe them or act on them” — Ruth King in Healing Rage

Today I did an excellent job with this, I must say. I found myself feeling angry at something that I knew was a huge wave, and that if I gave it time, the wave might pass. Sure enough, about an hour later, I felt like I could clearly articulate what was upsetting me without hurting the other person involved. We talked, we worked it out, we moved on. I successfully chose my beliefs and, subsequently, a response that served me much better than the one that might have resulted if I reacted on that first wave. I suppose I could chalk that up as something for which I am grateful.


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