Happiness Resolution #2: Forgive myself

The hardest thing to do is to write about happiness on a day when I feel excessively unhappy. I could point to 3 or 4 good “reasons” why I am choosing to feel unhappy today, but I do realize it’s a choice, so that’s progress.

On my mind today with regard to my happiness project is the need to let go of my mistakes, my regrets, my harsh judgments (mostly of myself) and move forward. Forgiveness tends to come fairly easily for me when it comes to the transgressions of others (with a few major exceptions that I need to work on), but not for myself. I know I’m not alone here, especially among women. Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Since I am feeling so massively wiped out and miserable tonight, I am committing to the blogosphere that I truly intend to work on this resolution. To a large extent I think the challenge here is to learn to recast my past experiences in a positive light to the extent those experiences contributed meaningfully to my life and let go of whatever dead weight is dragging me down today.

I probably need to write more about this when my head is clear, but for now, I am at least proud to say I worked on my personal happiness just a bit today.


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