Happiness Resolution #1: Take control of my brain

I was a psychology major in college, so I know all sorts of fancy technical terms for brain biology and physiology. Still, whether I consider my limbic system (emotions) or my reptilian system (for survival), I haven’t fully learned to rise above my biology. When we react from our emotions, we short-circuit our ability to think rationally, to harness our innate ability as humans to choose our beliefs and responses rather than simply reacting to stimuli without conscious thought.

So today, I make my first resolution toward my happiness project. I am going to make a conscious effort every day and with every interaction to use my neocortex, my “thinking brain” to choose my responses based on beliefs that serve me best. I am entirely sure my limbic system and reptilian brain serve very important roles in my life, but in my day to day non-emergency interactions, I can learn to put my conscious thinking brain forward first.


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