Book Review: To Love is To Be Happy With

To Love Is to Be Happy With To Love Is to Be Happy With by Barry Neil Kaufman

My review

I’m shy on words for this review. Once you forgive the low-budget editing and proofreading, there is magic in this book. The title is misleading, I think. It’s not about love relationships, as you might think, but rather an introduction to the Option Dialogue Process, a powerful tool for uncovering beliefs that underlie our emotions. Not all dialogues wrap up in neat little bundles like the ones in the book, but I understand that they are for demonstrative purposes so I can overlook that. It’s really best to read this in conjunction with Barry Neil Kaufman’s other books, especially “To Love is To Be Happy With” and check out some of the videos on the web site to learn more. This is difficult stuff to digest from a book, but having been to the Option Institute and learned much of this in person, I can honestly say it’s worth learning however you can.

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One thought on “Book Review: To Love is To Be Happy With

  1. LOL thanks for blogging yet another review of this awesome, quite magical book, introducing one man, one families liberating approach to everything life delivers.I suggest it IS a book about love relationships. About the most important relationship, that which we forge for ourselves, with ourselves…….and parade about with for others to react with, as is their right.I agree the dialogues appear quite simplistic, however, if you study the process you may discover in fact it comes from a very profound and simple place of beingness, by choice, and that is its magic. Life, how anyone experiences it, does not have to be complicated.smiles and hugs, bw (K.I.S.S.)

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