Raw and Random Vandalism

I know this is going to seem silly, even naive, but in my elation over the result of last night’s election, somehow thought I’d wake up today and the whole world would be a better place.

Unfortunately, reality bites quickly. Witness (photographically speaking) what happened to me this morning. I got up before the crack of dawn to drag myself to a Catholic school in Kensington (those of you in Philly will understand immediately where this is heading) to take school pictures. My co-worker and I had been shown where to set up and were coming outside to unload equipment when I saw a man walking off with my bag. Blow me down, the guy actually threw a BRICK through my window and stole my tote bag and lunch. In broad daylight, on a main street (Lehigh Ave.) and in front of a CHURCH, where he’d just been inside and had been directed to the hospital, having evidently had quite a beating recently based on what his face looked like and having drunk a brewery by himself). Mind you, my coworker, quite a brave girl, went after him so I followed, thinking “This is probably not a good idea.” But I managed to flag down a car to help, and after my brave co-worker tackled the guy, we women kicked his ass – literally – and finally got him to let go of my bags. The police came and seemed to know the description and where to find the guy, so maybe he’ll get a night in jail (and a meal and the medical treatment he needs, plus one night off the sauce).

I seriously do not make enough money to deal with this kind of crap. The people at the school were very nice; the custodian, a nice older Asian guy, cleaned up glass as best he could, taped up my window with plastic, and helped me carry in the photography equipment. The company I work for sent someone else to take photos in my place, so I got all the equipment set up and was able to leave. Insurance is covering it because I have comprehensive coverage (yippee) and the auto glass place does on site installations and can fix it today. SO, all in all, this has turned out to be an inconvenience. And I do realize in the scheme of things this is a small deal.

But it still put a damper on my optimism.


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