Poverty Tours for the Rich?!?

Oh. My. God. Really?

Read the WSJ Wealth Report article. $300K for Cristal and Caviar – and a tour of 3rd world poverty. Positioned as a great way to increase awareness and philanthropy. Topped with truffles and ice cream.

How is it possible to construe this as a good thing? The poor become nothing short of a circus attraction. What about providing a $25K meal (not that I think there’s any possible way for a meal to be worth this price tag) and taking the other $275K to actually DO something about poverty, not just point and stare and the people living within it???


One thought on “Poverty Tours for the Rich?!?

  1. Hey Cari, I didn’t read the full article but actually poverty tours are not a new thing. People used to do a similar thing about a 100 years ago. They went to European colonies to look at the “barbarians” and decide if a missionary trip was worth it kind of the same idea though of touring undeveloped countries and looking at the poor. If you want more info I have a book or two to get you started.

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