I am always impressed when people can, on the spur of a moment, come up with a favorite when asked. For example, “What’s your favorite movie?” or “Who’s your favorite actor?” Call me strange (you won’t be the first) but this is actually hard for me. I realized recently that I used to play this game with my kids where every so often I’d ask for their “favorites” and they could readily answer, but the answers changed almost daily if not hourly. So I thought maybe I should give some energy and time to thinking about my favorites so I can be more conversational at cocktail parties (which I rarely go to) or with clients (who rarely ask these questions) or in general conversation (more practical).

I’ve seen a few movies in the last couple of weeks – mostly with my kids because it’s holiday break time. Which makes the whole concept of movies more accessible to my brain, so I’ll start with movies. In thinking about my favorite movies, it comes down to several broken down by genre.

  • Comedy: Airplane (no question)
  • Classic 80’s: The Breakfast Club (tough one – I could’ve gone for About Last Night, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, or Sixteen Candles, or 7 others, but I decided on this one)
  • Fantasy: The Princess Bride
  • Cult Classic: Pulp Fiction (Uma is a goddess)
    Cartoon: Tie among The Emperor’s New Groove, Aladdin and Toy Story
  • Oldie: The Wizard of Oz

I reserve the right to add, change or delete, but this is my list for today. There, now I should be much more interesting to talk to, right?


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