Max & Minnie

A few years ago, I went to a funeral that was, for me, more of a courtesy than a mourning event of my own. Since I wasn’t focused on my own grief, I looked around a bit as we walked through the cemetery to the gravesite. I noticed a headstone that was heart shaped and inscribed with one last name in the middle and the first names “Max” and “Minnie” engraved in the upper part of each hump of the heart. I thought a lot about this couple. As I recall, they both died in their 90s and within a few years of one another. The names struck me as so cute, I began to imagine that upon meeting, they knew they were destined to be together just because their names complemented each other so well. Oh, I’m sure Max and Minnie had their ups and downs like any couple, but I imagined them to be this sweet couple who raised 3 good kids, had a huge crop of grandkids who mostly lived nearby, and were the nucleus of extended family gatherings because you couldn’t help but feel warm in their cozy little country cottage. They’d have a roaring fire in the fireplace in the cold of winter, a soup on the stove, and smells of other delicious and maybe not so very diet-friendly dishes wafting through the air. Always slender, Minnie would always have her hair done just so, so everyone would know it was important to her to present herself to the world proudly, while Max would be slightly stout, with a white-gray combover that blew awkwardly in the wind.

I’ve imagined Max and Minnie’s life many times since then and decided today I should be writing about them now and then.

Now that you’ve met them, maybe you can imagine what treasures their life story may hold. Instructive stories, funny stories, sad stories… I’m sure there are hundreds.

I hope there’s a family out there who remembers them lovingly and who have fading photos of them in an album that will transcend generations.


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