Angry Tears

In Place of Incandescense describes beautifully the challenge of being someone who biophysically cannot keep from crying when terribly, terribly angry. The consequences are aggravating at best. Infuriating at worst.

Whenever I get really, really, angry … I start crying.

I hate it.

There I am, all full of fury and indignation, and all I want is to melt the object of that fury with the hot heat coming out of my eyes. But, when I go to speak … there’s that crack in my voice.

And then the sniffles.

And before I can get all the way through whatever biting accusation I’m working on
at the time, those full-fledged, heaving tears have started.

And the effect is ruined.

And the person who was supposed to be squirming from shame is instead looking at me, concerned. Moving into comfort mode. And that just pisses me off more!

So I cry even harder!

And so nobody ever really gets how truly fierce I am …

I hate it.

Me too. Hate it hate it hate it.


One thought on “Angry Tears

  1. not getting your point across when you’re angry and begin to cry instead of shout really should only happen the first time that someone is the object of your anger. after that, they should try to understand what your tears mean. and if they don’t, they’re not worth either the anger or the tears.

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