Diet Pepsi Day?

This may be my favorite New York Times article of all time. It’s called, “Having a Snack? Make it a Holiday” and it details all of the different official food recognition days. I’m not sure there is a Diet Pepsi day but if it were, I’d have to take a vacation day from work in observance (my friends and family know it’s my one hopeless addiction).

Celebrating food is no strange concept to a Jewish girl from the suburbs of Philadelphia. But who knew there were 175 days a year set aside for such holidays as National Crown Roast of Pork Day (March 7 – my mother’s birthday and of course, a day a good Jewish girl would never observe), National Vinegar Day (June 16 – my wedding anniversary), or National Sacher Torte Day (one of almost two dozen dessert days)? Apples (my personal favorite fruit) get three months (September through November), with special break-out days for specific varieties. (Eat a Red Apple Day comes, inexplicably, on Dec. 1.) Would you believe Apple Week started in 1904? Who knew?

Yes, I do realize it’s a commercial ploy for selling more of whatever. But I’m still campaigning for an official Diet Pepsi day.


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