AlterNet gives us in-depth insight into why we love to hate Hillary.

Hillary Clinton is like our national Rorschach: She stokes our every emotion, from our deepest fears to our darkest hatreds.

Pick a reason. And who is she anyway?

Loathing Hillary happens on multiple levels, ranging from her marital choices and fashion sense to her ambivalence on torture or support for a flag-burning amendment. And liberal feminists are as comfortable Hillarating as anyone else, perhaps more so.

Nora Bredes, director of the Susan B. Anthony Center for Women’s Leadership in Rochester, New York explains:

“People get uncomfortable when it’s not a neat story. Is she a progressive feminist or a cautious moderate? People don’t know exactly who she is, and so different reactions are almost invited.”

Read to the end – you don’t want to miss the part where they go right to the answers of the “Cosmo quiz” so you can decide who you think she is – Martha Stewart? Lisa Simpson? Lady Macbeth? Rush Limbaugh?

Decide for yourself. Do you hate her? Love her? Why? Does it have anything to do with her being a woman? A former first lady? For having forgiven her husband his dalliance(s)?

Food for thought. I definitely fall in the “hillarating” camp but now I’m not sure I can say why. Which makes me re-evaluate my blind disgust.

(For the record, I despise “verbing” like this, but “Hillarating” is almost catchy.)


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