A Better Me?

I vowed yesterday to give up soda. A good friend of mine has given up all of his vices in the last few months and is now struggling to give up cigarettes – arguably harder to give up than other vices. So in support of that I agreed to give up soda and in doing so, decided that giving up caffeine would be smart for my long term health.

I am a caffeine addict. A huge one. My poison is Diet Pepsi and giving it up is akin to giving up air. My last soda was at about 1:30 yesterday afternoon and by 10 a.m. today I was shaking. I’m getting by with moderate doses of Excedrin (with caffeine) to keep the headaches at bay. My understanding is that after about 48 hours I should be able to go without it.

Then I came across this blog post: 30 Things That Take 30 Seconds Each: Which Will You Do To Change The World?

One spoke to my efforts today:

Stop any bad habit in 30 seconds. Then keep repeating at 30 second intervals.

My choice to give up caffeine and soda will not change the world. But a few of the things here might if you give them a try. I’m particularly fond of this one:

Tell your children “I love you” or “I am proud of you.” Make it meaningful, look them in the eye, and show how you value them. It will mean the world. Imagine if every parent said affirming words to every child, for 30 seconds, everyday.

I do this every day. And I am so proud of them. They are good little men. I wonder how much happier the world would be if more people took the time to appreciate their children and build up their self-esteem. Children live to please their parents (or caregivers) and it doesn’t take more than a quick few words to make sure they know they are successful.

There are some other good ones on the list; it’s worth a read and maybe a try. The world changes only one small moment at a time.


One thought on “A Better Me?

  1. Update: So far so good. Except for 1/2 of a caffeine free Diet Pepsi Sunday afternoon (which I hated and promptly discarded), I have been soda-free for almost a solid week.

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