Magic Gardens

I went to visit Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens today. What an amazing display of junk-cum-art. My kids were enthralled and I was delighted to experience the exhibit through their young and fresh eyes. We made our donation and toured the entire garden. Worth the $2 per person and more. If you’re in Philly, don’t miss it. If you’re not, you won’t find this on any “must see when you’re in Philly” tourist guides, so put it somewhere in your long term memory.

The history of the place is fascinating. The Magic Garden’s of Philadelphia grew out of a unique set of circumstances – in the late 1960’s a group of young artists and entrepreneurs began renting derelict storefronts and apartments above the stores. The South street corridor was slated by the Pennsylvania state government and the Philadelphia city administration to be torn down to make way for an expressway to link I-95 and I-76. Among the artists / crafts people to move into the area were Julia and Isaiah Zagar, recently returned from three years of Peace Corps experience in Peru. They rented 402 South Street and opened a business, The Eye’s Gallery. Read the rest here and if you find yourself inspired, send a tax-deductible donation to keep it alive.

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