Snow Job

How about that? According to today’s Washington Post, The White House is “concerned” that the public is misinterpreting his “Stay the Course” mantra. Or maybe Bush never really suggested “stay-the-course” policy in the first place. (Do these words ring a bell? “We will stay the course. We will help this young Iraqi democracy succeed.” Or these? “We will win in Iraq so long as we stay the course.”) White House press secretary Tony Snow can’t seem to get his story straight. But whatever the backstory, the frontstory today is “a study in constant motion.”

Is that better? At least “stay the course” had direction. “Constant motion,” to me, implies frenzied activity in a thousand directions without a destination in mind. Democrats using the “stay the course” policy failure as an election tool is only an exercise in semantics. Whatever the policy is, it’s based on a lie. It doesn’t matter what the rhetoric is, the words, the spin. Chaos built on a cracked foundation will not stand.

I’d like to know what, exactly, the gesture he’s making in this photograph is intended to illustrate. That we’re in a box and we can’t get out?

New direction makes so much more sense. Get out and vote for your local Democratic candidate this November. The house of cards can be fortified, but it will take new leadership capable of defining a direction, a goal, a plan – and then executing flawlessly.


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