Yahoo! Groups

I am not a complete Yahoo! Group junkie, but I do belong to several groups. I have always found the UI for joining a new group, complete with CAPTCHA, also known as Word Verification, cumbersome.

Today I stumbled upon what I would consider a fatal error that could be very easily corrected. Evidently, there is only space for 200 characters for comments to the owner of the group. If you submit the page with more than 200 characters, they return a very bright red noticeable error message (good) telling you that “Your comment may only be 200 characters long.”

What they don’t do, however, is tell you how many characters you have already typed (bad) so that you can edit appropriately. That leaves the user guessing and resubmitting the form until they get it right – complete with the need to perform the Word Verification exercise each time. Today it only took three tries.

It should have been one, and Yahoo! should know better. This is Usability 101 stuff.


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