Mental Illness and Being a Good Friend

When I went to college, I studied Psychology because there were some very important people in my life who were, to keep it simple, not healthy. Studying Psychology was smart, as it turned out, because understanding people became something I needed to do for every relationship, every job, every interaction in my life.

I was lucky enough to recently meet Liz Spikol’s mother, Linda, at my current job. Linda is brilliant in so many ways, and has been a wonderful friend and mentor in the few weeks I’ve known her. I knew from the first moment she would be a part of my life for eternity, and for that I am so thankful.

Today I reached out to her for advice regarding a very special friend who is (to tread carefully) not healthy and who happens to be a fan of her daughter Liz. Liz is a wonderful writer who happens to be a beautifully and brutally honest and knowledgable (first-hand) advocate for those suffering with mental illness. As always, Linda listened carefully, gave me specific instructions and promised to follow up with me on Monday.

I really hope that I am being the right kind of friend right now, and I believe I am. Thanks to Linda, who sets the most wonderful example of what friendship means, I have a reliable roadmap.


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