Stumbling at StumbleUpon

Recently I was introduced to a very cool concept by a very cool friend. The concept is StumbleUpon, a site that helps you discover new sites based on your interests. There is also a social networking aspect to the site – you can vote on whether or not you like a site and also write reviews, make “friends,” etc. The user experience…ahem…stumbles when you get to the reviewing of other sites. I can’t even describe my experience because it was so disjointed and confusing. It’s rare that I offer feedback without a specific, clear suggestion for what to change. But in this case, all I can say is, the user interface is almost unusable. They should fix it. Sorry I can’t offer more. But I do like the concept and plan to stick around to see how they evolve.

Update 8/17/2006: One more small gripe (and yes, I’m still stumbling around and finding value at SU). When you get an email notification that you have new SU email, the only link you get is to become an SU sponsor. To actually get to the email I have to navigate to my SU page and then to the inbox. Adding a link to my SU page would be a huge help here.


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