Confirmation is everything

For my job, I am always reviewing new and different products that will help me better manage the usability of the web site of my company. Recently, we’ve been looking at TeaLeaf as a solution for understanding how real users are interacting with the site. They suggested their only competitor is Xaffire, so in interest of due diligence, I am evaluating what they have to offer. So far I’m unimpressed.

After poking around their site a bit, I came across a form for a free “Instant Replay” of our web site. What I was looking for was a demo of some sort so this seemed close. On the page where you provide your personal information, it tells you nothing about what you’re actually requesting (but does go so far as to tell you that you are not requesting a free software download). Being the risk taker I am (she said, tongue in cheek) I decided I had very little to lose by providing the basic information requested on the form.

I at least expected, on the confirmation page, to be told what to expect next. How disappointing when I saw this:

In case you can’t read the text it says, “Thank You for Taking the Xaffire Challenge” and then “Your request has been processed.” I took a Xaffire Challenge? My request for WHAT has been processed? Guess I’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

Perhaps they should try their own “Xaffire Challenge.” After all, right on their home page it says, “When web applications fail, it costs you customers and revenue.” Oh wait, from their perspective, the application was successful. What they can’t diagnose with their tool is the fact that the application itself was meaningless and left a bad first impression.


3 thoughts on “Confirmation is everything

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  2. Cari,Thanks for pointing out the problem with our website… I’m sure there are others, as we have not updated it recently.This is because Xaffire has returned to a stealth mode, so we are not marketing actively via our website; however, if you contact me directly, I would be happy to tell you about our status, product, and the other competitors that TeaLeaf didn’t happen to mention.None of this changes the point of your comment, which I agree with and we will endeavor to fix.Thanks,Dave JilkCEO, Xaffiredavid.jilk (at)

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