Restoration Hardware

OK, I’m an ecommerce snob. I do like to give credit where credit is due, and when I find a stellar user experience, I promise to gush effusively. But when it’s bad, it’s bad, and I have to share.

Last week I ordered a patio set – table, chairs, and extensions – from Restoration Hardware. The set is on a fabulous sale and I’m very excited to make use of it while the weather is nice this summer. I submitted the order but chose not to print the confirmation page (I was out of paper) figuring I’d get a confirmation email. Never got one. But, since I did see a confirmation page, I was willing to take a leap of faith that my order was properly received. The site said that the expected shipping would take 3-7 days (from when? order date? ship date?) so I planned to wait a week and check into it.

Here I sit a week later – still no email. I logged into the Restoration Hardware web site to find my order. Getting there wasn’t so hard, but there is no information there that’s useful. I clicked through on the line item for my order (which did have an order number, but it didn’t register; I figured it would be on the order status page). When I got to the order status page, I could see every detail about my order EXCEPT what I was looking for – the status! Also, the order number wasn’t there, and I didn’t remember it was on the previous page. I blocked out only my name, address, phone and Amex number and confirmation for obvious security reasons. Can you show me where my order number, order date, or ship date (or expected shipt date) might be?

So I decided I would email their customer service. Lo and behold, another stellar experience. With each click of a drop-down box for the reason for my email, another appeared in a seemingly endless drop-down deluge. After finally getting a text box in which I could write my message (sans order number, because I couldn’t find it), I typed my message and submitted the page. Guess where I landed? ON THE SAME PAGE with all of the drop-down boxes and my message removed. I have no idea if the message went through or not – and I’m pretty sure I can’t count on the message OR the order going through at this point.Guess I have to get on the phone.



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